Internal Assessment in All Subjects

The internal assessment was part of CBSE assessment system but it was not available in all the subjects. Class 12 English, Mathematics, Political Science are some examples with no internal assessment. Now, in the new scheme of assessment all the subjects will have 25% (20 Marks out of total 100) marks for internal assessment. Thus, in March 2020 exam, CBSE will conduct board exam for 80 marks only. However, some science subjects and fine arts will continue to be of 70 and 30 marks.

Internal Choice in Question Paper

CBSE introduced internal choice in 33% questions in the year 2019. The same will continue in 2020 too. This has been extended to all the subjects. Now students will find 33% internal choice in all the sections in the question paper in all subjects. Thus, students will have plenty of options to choose the questions. This will help them to answer the question that they know better. Means, the overall difficulty level of the question paper will be reduced by 33 percent.

Objective Type questions

Another good news for students is, CBSE will put 25% objective type questions including multiple-choice questions in all the subjects which is the part of most of the board exams. It means, there will be at least 20 Marks questions out of total 80 marks will be objective type questions. Now the subjective questions where students need to write detailed answer will carry only 60 marks. In other words, the overall 60% of assessment need to write answers in detail. Rest 40% is objective type and internal assessment.

So according to new syllabus students should also prepare for objective type questions along with subjective questions and you can use our platform for the preparation of objective type questions.

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